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Sunday July 15, 2018

Gunther Grant, Inc. is currently licensing our mold technologies to various companies who use the technology to produce a wide range of products.


Gunther Grant, Inc. generates revenue from one or more of the following:

- Annual licensing fees

- Monthly temporary licensing fees

- Royalties from sales

- Mold creation services too supply manufacturers

- Contract production work.

Gunther Grant, Inc. has positive revenue from licensing and consulting fees. Gunther Grant supplies molds and technology to 3rd party companies who uses the licensed technology to produce items that require custom molds for: Soap manufacturing, confections, candle production, metal casting and other custom mold production requirements.


Gunther Grant also maintains a working studio and office in Henderson Nevada and also supplies licensees with contract production work. Gunther Grant, Inc. also developed their own unique line of products available for sale.


Products sold by licensees are not created or approved by Gunther Grant, Inc. and any products made by licensees are of their own design and creativity. Gunther Grant, Inc. does not dictate what products are being created by licensees. Gunther Grant, Inc. will supply materials, technology, design and creativity services to licensees for a fee. Gunther Grant, Inc. also assists in marketing, web design and product fulfillment for licensees.


Licensees are allowed to market under the trade art name "Gunther Grant" and use stock images of molds and casting techniques to help market the products they sell.


Gunther Grant, Inc. is generating revenue from consulting and licensing fees and is profitable.